Is He Not Faithful?



As I look back at our time here in New Zealand – 3 and a half years and counting – the one underlying theme that pops out has to be God’s faithfulness.  Look what  the psalmist said in Psalm 89 about God’s faithfulness…

     – with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations (V1).

     – Your faithfulness You shall establish in the very heavens (V2).

     – Your faithfulness also surrounds You (V8).

As it says in V1, His faithfulness surrounds Him.  It is who He is.  There is not a day, minute or second that goes by that God is NOT faithful.  He is faithful even when we don’t believe He is.  He is faithful even when we turn away from Him.  He is faithful even when we are faithless (2Tim 2.13)!  But more than that, His faithfulness also surrounds us!  What a joy and comfort!  Look at some of the ways has He been faithful to us.

- in carrying us through the trials and difficulties.
- in providing for all our needs – individually and as a fellowship.
- in leading and guiding us in many important decisions.
- in bringing comfort or healing or peace when it was needed.
- in keeping us safe in His hands.
- in providing forgiveness for our sins at the Cross.
- in sending His Son Jesus into this world.

God is faithful.  Again, it is the essences of who He is.  He would not be God if He were not faithful.  His faithfulness surrounds him.

Also V2 says His faithfulness is established in heaven, not on earth where things are constantly changing.  No, it is established firmly and permanently in heaven, the dwelling place of God Himself.  His faithfulness can be counted upon – it is 100% reliable everyday, in every situation, through all circumstances.  Can we say that about anyone else?  NO!  As humans, we will always fail, always disappoint others, always let others down, always make mistakes, always doubt, always go back on our word – it’s our fallen nature!  But because God is perfect, His faithfulness is perfect also.  That means all He says or does is certain – He is faithful.  It means every promise He makes will come to pass – He is faithful.  It means his plan will be worked out – He is faithful.  It means every trial or tribulation we go through DOES have a purpose – He is faithful.  God is faithful and His faithfulness is established in heaven!

Lastly, the psalmist writes that he would proclaim the faithfulness of God to all generations (V1).  When we experience God’s faithfulness, we can’t help but thank Him, praise Him and proclaim His faithfulness!  And even when we are in the midst of trials and troubles, we must remember God IS FAITHFUL, even if we can’t see it, recognize it or accept it in that moment.  But when we do see His faithfulness, even years later in hindsight, it will cause us to break out in praise and proclaim the faithfulness of God to all generations.  That is the automatic response!  I look back over the years that I had the privilege of following Jesus and walking with God and I can see His goodness and faithfulness.  And I have to simply proclaim – He is faithful, even when I was faithless, because He cannot deny Himself.

So I challenge you, look back at your life – how has He shown Himself faithful to you?  In your family?  At work, school?  How has He shown Himself faithful in the little things and the big things?  I bet if you look hard enough you will see many examples of His faithfulness.  So have you thanked Him for them?  Have you praised Him for His faithfulness?  Have you proclaimed it to all generations?

Also with the lute I will praise You and Your faithfulness, O my God!
To You I will sing with the harp, O Holy One of Israel.

Psalm 71.22

David Pham