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New Song: Glorious Day

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

This month’s new song, cunningly timed to coincide with the upcoming church retreat is “Glorious Day (Living He loved me)”. This is a modern setting of a hymn, originally titled “One Day”, written in 1910 by John Wilbur Chapman. Chapman was a Presbyterian evangelist based in the United States, who travelled with Gospel singer Charles Alexander.

The scope of this hymn is extensive, dealing with four key events utilising the repeating motif “one day…”.

Verse one deals with Christ’s Incarnation, verse two the Cross, and verse three the Resurrection. A fourth verse has been repurposed as a bridge section, and looks forward to our ultimate hope, Christ’s Second Coming. All the above is tied together with a beautifully-written chorus, which personalises the rich truths of the verses:

“Living, He loved me / Dying, He saved me / Buried, He carried my sins far away / Rising, He justified freely forever / One day He’s coming, oh glorious day!”

Here is a version on YouTube to give some idea of how it sounds. We are dropping the key a few notches, compared to this version, and will slightly simplify the tune in some places, in order for it to work better congregationally.

I hope this wonderful hymn, set to a modern but eminently singable tune, will be a blessing at this year’s retreat and beyond.

Greg Brown
Music ministry co-ordinator